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Our December Newsletter it out. Click here to take a look:

December 8th

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December 8th is Happy’s 3rd Death Anniversary. He had been with us for 14 years and in those days, I just couldn’t imagine life without him. It is safe to say that not a day goes by when I don’t think of him. His last couple of years had been rather difficult as he had developed diabetes and later became blind. The 7 days before he passed away were awful. He had lost the use of his hind legs and I rushed him to four different vets. They all gave him the wrong treatments which eventually led to his demise. The poor guy suffered a lot and I am not able to forget those 7 days. I was all alone at the time and didn’t have a single support system in place and was completely panicky. However, what happened right after he passed away was truly miraculous and there is no other explanation other than saying Happy orchestrated it to give us peace of heart. Happy was given the full Hindu cremation ceremony usually reserved for Hindu priests at Vrindavan, the birth place of Lord Krishna. He had four priests at his cremation chanting ancient Sanskrit verses to pray for his soul. Most humans only get one priest. It was such a beautiful ceremony and words cannot describe the magic in it. Nothing was planned and yet everything went off perfectly and easily.

However, the guilt still remains with me and my determination in not letting his death be in vain led me to create The Happy Foundation for Animals. I hope we can do our bit to ease the suffering of the animals in India through this foundation. You can read about our different projects and how you can support us on

December 8, 2010 was a very special day indeed again with no planning or effort on my part. In the last two months, I have been in touch with  a Goshala (cow shelter) near Vrindavan that looks after injured, sick and disabled cows. We have been trying to forge a working relationship to see how best we could help each other out. By a major sheer of coincidence, our meeting was fixed for December 8th. It also gave me a chance to go and visit Happy’s cremation site. Visiting the cremation site, I realised how lucky we were on the day that Happy had passed away. On that day, it was peaceful and beautiful and no interuptions in sight. When I went to visit the site last week, it was busy and bustling and felt quite different.

Thank you Happy.

Animal Communication

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I am happy to share with you that The Happy Foundation for Animals has recently become a member of the Alliance of Animal Communicators Caring About Animals (AACCA) and has become it’s India representative.

Have you ever hung out with your pet and suddenly thought he/ she said something to you, and you dismissed it as your imagination? Chances are most likely you heard your pet communicate with you in the most natural form possible, heart to heart.

For those of you who think this is all hocus pocus, think carefully about body language and what it implies. Someone holding an angry posture, or a happy posture and you can most possibly guess what that person is thinking. Go one step deeper, and that is how animals communicate with each other and with their humans. They use mental telepathy to communicate in a variety of ways, via images, words, feelings or smell. I didn’t believe it myself initially. I would hear things but I dismissed everything as my imagination and only after Happy’s death, did I truly understand that we were communicating and that he was trying to get me to believe what I was hearing and I didn’t.

I remember one evening, when my husband was out of town, we had gone for a long late night walk. Towards the end of the walk, I heard this voice in my head that said, ‘Helen, M is looking for you, let’s hurry home’.  And Happy was running towards the direction of our house. I thought to myself, what a random thought out of nowhere and what rubbish, he isn’t even in town. Sure enough, as soon as I got home, I had 20 missed calls from my entire family who were worried sick about me.

Even around the time of Happy’s death, he pleaded with me not to take him to the vet when he was not well, and I did not listen to him. To me, it seemed cruel to not take him to the vet after his hind legs became paralysed. The vet only made matters worse and to this day, I regret not listening to him.

I have several more examples. For more information on animal communication, you can read about it on AACCA’s website

Long Time

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It’s been almost two months since I have posted here. After we had to put a hold on our first project, it was back to the drawing board to identify new projects. We have found two new projects to work on and you can read all about it on our newsletter on the link below:

If you have any innovative ideas on how we can raise funds so that these animals can lead more comfortable lives, I would love to hear from you.

The other reason that its been a while since we blogged about Happy Foundation’s work is that I have been volunteering with the Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisation (FIAPO). They are trying to create a professional Federation for all those organisations who tirelessly work for the animals day after day after day. If everyone is working on their own, very little can be achieved. However, if all of us come together under one umbrella and put our minds and brains together, I am sure we can help the animals in a far better manner. Everything is at the early stages and it is very exciting to be a part of it this and help it grow.

Back to HappyFoundation, now that we have raised part of the funds required to help our chosen projects move forward, we are going on the field to start our work. I will be sharing those stories with you too. Looking forward to it.


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I am afraid I do not have very good news to share with you in this post. We have had to put the Meerut animal shelter project on hold for a while.

It is rather unfortunate as I have been working pretty hard on this for the past couple of months and spreading the word all over to help the poor animals of Meerut. It’s not in my control at the moment, however, we are working hard on reviewing other projects where the foundation can help reduce cruelty and suffering to animals.

Although, our main focus is reducing cruelty and suffering, our main policy is ‘Teaching a man to fish, so that he can feed himself for life’, as opposed to ‘Giving a man to fish so he can eat for only a day’. So, Empower, Empower, Empower the humans who are made to look after the animals.

I really do look forward to a day when there are no more animal sufferings, no more human egos involved in animal care and generally a world where humans live in harmony with their animal friends. Wishful thinking eh.

Week 1

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It has been exactly one week since I launched the organisation and I am quite pleased with what we have achieved so far.

We have managed 400 hits on our website.

70 members on our facebook page.

And I have managed to raise Rs33,240 for the animals of Meerut! Our target is (Rs500,000).

I am overwhelmed by the kindess and generosity of people who were strangers to me last week and have kindly come forward to help contribute towards the building of the shelter. Thanks so much once again.

On the other hand, as I am getting deeper into animal welfare, I have come across the opposite as well. Too many people inflicting cruelty upon the helpless creatures that are not able to defend themselves. Please see below a link from PETA’s website showing animals that are killed for their fur. I must warn you that it is very disturbing.

Another story I read today was about a pet dog in the UK. According to RSPCA’s facebook page, a dog was thrown into the Leeds and Liverpool canal with a weighted -down rucksack tied to him. The rough-haired terrier was found floating face down. The dog was micro-chipped which lead the RSPCA to his owners.”They had put him outside in the garden at around 7am that morning. Naturally they’re very upset about what’s happened,” said inspector Barr. The dog was called ‘Freddie’ and was just 18-months old. He’s described as mostly black, with a white stomach and tan patches on his face and legs. The rucksack was purple with black straps and a red ‘Head’ logo on it.
Anyone who saw anything suspicious or has any information that could help should call the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999. Inspector Barr added: “We don’t want them to get away with this. This dog has suffered an awful death and someone is responsible for that. Please, if you think you can help, call us.”

I read the above about two hours ago and I still feel physically ill thinking about it. How can anyone in their right mind even attempt to do something like this. This is just one story and I get to read at least one every day from all parts of the world.

That is motivation in itself to continue what I have set out to do.

Day 1

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I had already decided a few days prior that I would be launching The Happy Foundation for Animal Welfare on a Wednesday. That has always been my lucky day and I tend to start all my endeavours on that day.

I then started to get everything in order so that there would be no hiccups on the day. I got my E-Mail message ready, edited it several times, got my database in order and planned the entire order of the day.

I woke up with butterflies in my tummy. I was so nervous and I had no idea how everyone would respond to it. There had been so many problems every step of the way, and I was scared that more unforseen problems would show themsevles and people may not react to the project so well. Indian charities do have a reputation about themselves and I was ready to answer questions such as ‘How do we know the money will go for the animals and not in  your pocket?’

Before sitting at my desk, I said a few prayers to all the gods in my prayer room, I asked for Happy’s blessings, and I hit Send in my Inbox. After that, I went to facebook and sent the invites to my friend list as planned.

I was feeling rather happy with myself and went on to have some lunch. After about an hour, not a single E-Mail came through, and if anything, I was expecting a few ‘Mail Delivery Failure’ emails if nothing else. I went to check my Inbox and lo and behold, none of the E-Mails got sent. I started to panic as my knowledge of IT is very close to Nil. I frantically called up an IT friend of mine and she couldn’t help without being at the laptop and she was an hour away anyway. However, she did explain to me that Outlook doesn’t really allow to send out bulk E-Mails.

After fiddling around for a bit, I decided to give the official email ID a miss and send it through my personal email ID. I sent it through, and after that, all the Mail Delivery Failure emails came trickling in. At least, it was a sign that all the emails had been sent. Amidst all the bold Mail Delivery Failure Emails, an email from an old childhood friend came through, and without even looking at the website, he had already asked where he could send his generous donation. After a few more Mail Delivery Failure emails, one of my family members also plegdged a very generous donation.

I literally jumped out of my seat and did the little Chandeller (from Friends) dance. If this was the rate we were going at, we’d be able to build the shelter for the Meerut animals in no time at all. All those animals suffering would soon be able to have a roof over their heads and regular meals and not live in fear.

I than got a call from a very kind gentleman from the Middle East asking about our work, and another Chandeller dance later, an enquiry from the US. In between all that, I also got lots of good wishes from friends and aquaintances all over the world. It all really touched my heart and I want to say Thank you.

All in all, I think it was a good start. I wonder what Day 2 has in store.

Slow Start

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It’s already mid-August and we haven’t really been able to take off yet. I am hoping one more week and we should be able to get this show on the road.

We have been looking at different land spaces in Meerut, India, that is the location of our first project. An animal shelter for the animals of Meerut who endure so much cruelty on a daily basis. You can see their pictures on our website

We are aiming to raise Rs1,000,000 which is approximtaely US$25,000 to build a small shelter for the animals with vet facilities.

I am happy to note that so far we have managed to raise Rs.6,000 (US$130). Yes, a tiny tiny tiny drop in the ocean compared to the huge amount we need to raise. But it’s a start.

More in my next…


New Beginnings

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Hello everyone,

I have started this blog to share my journey with the Happy Foundation for Animal Welfare with who ever is interested in Animal welfare or general interest. The journey has just begun and I am excited. There have been and are several hiccups along the way of getting my website up and running, registration among several other things. I never imagined it would take so long and be this difficult to start up. Its been tough so far. I will also use this to document the foundation’s journey from start to forever. I hope that from a year from now, there would have been many many more happy stories and postive outcomes for the animals of India.

The foundation has a dual purpose. One to accept donations and than to use the donations as grants for genuine animal welfare causes. I am hoping to have my website up and running by mid-July fingers crossed and than you all will have a better idea about it.

That’s all for now. Hopefully some good news in my next post.

Woof woof,


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