I had already decided a few days prior that I would be launching The Happy Foundation for Animal Welfare on a Wednesday. That has always been my lucky day and I tend to start all my endeavours on that day.

I then started to get everything in order so that there would be no hiccups on the day. I got my E-Mail message ready, edited it several times, got my database in order and planned the entire order of the day.

I woke up with butterflies in my tummy. I was so nervous and I had no idea how everyone would respond to it. There had been so many problems every step of the way, and I was scared that more unforseen problems would show themsevles and people may not react to the project so well. Indian charities do have a reputation about themselves and I was ready to answer questions such as ‘How do we know the money will go for the animals and not in  your pocket?’

Before sitting at my desk, I said a few prayers to all the gods in my prayer room, I asked for Happy’s blessings, and I hit Send in my Inbox. After that, I went to facebook and sent the invites to my friend list as planned.

I was feeling rather happy with myself and went on to have some lunch. After about an hour, not a single E-Mail came through, and if anything, I was expecting a few ‘Mail Delivery Failure’ emails if nothing else. I went to check my Inbox and lo and behold, none of the E-Mails got sent. I started to panic as my knowledge of IT is very close to Nil. I frantically called up an IT friend of mine and she couldn’t help without being at the laptop and she was an hour away anyway. However, she did explain to me that Outlook doesn’t really allow to send out bulk E-Mails.

After fiddling around for a bit, I decided to give the official email ID a miss and send it through my personal email ID. I sent it through, and after that, all the Mail Delivery Failure emails came trickling in. At least, it was a sign that all the emails had been sent. Amidst all the bold Mail Delivery Failure Emails, an email from an old childhood friend came through, and without even looking at the website, he had already asked where he could send his generous donation. After a few more Mail Delivery Failure emails, one of my family members also plegdged a very generous donation.

I literally jumped out of my seat and did the little Chandeller (from Friends) dance. If this was the rate we were going at, we’d be able to build the shelter for the Meerut animals in no time at all. All those animals suffering would soon be able to have a roof over their heads and regular meals and not live in fear.

I than got a call from a very kind gentleman from the Middle East asking about our work, and another Chandeller dance later, an enquiry from the US. In between all that, I also got lots of good wishes from friends and aquaintances all over the world. It all really touched my heart and I want to say Thank you.

All in all, I think it was a good start. I wonder what Day 2 has in store.