I am happy to share with you that The Happy Foundation for Animals has recently become a member of the Alliance of Animal Communicators Caring About Animals (AACCA) and has become it’s India representative.

Have you ever hung out with your pet and suddenly thought he/ she said something to you, and you dismissed it as your imagination? Chances are most likely you heard your pet communicate with you in the most natural form possible, heart to heart.

For those of you who think this is all hocus pocus, think carefully about body language and what it implies. Someone holding an angry posture, or a happy posture and you can most possibly guess what that person is thinking. Go one step deeper, and that is how animals communicate with each other and with their humans. They use mental telepathy to communicate in a variety of ways, via images, words, feelings or smell. I didn’t believe it myself initially. I would hear things but I dismissed everything as my imagination and only after Happy’s death, did I truly understand that we were communicating and that he was trying to get me to believe what I was hearing and I didn’t.

I remember one evening, when my husband was out of town, we had gone for a long late night walk. Towards the end of the walk, I heard this voice in my head that said, ‘Helen, M is looking for you, let’s hurry home’.  And Happy was running towards the direction of our house. I thought to myself, what a random thought out of nowhere and what rubbish, he isn’t even in town. Sure enough, as soon as I got home, I had 20 missed calls from my entire family who were worried sick about me.

Even around the time of Happy’s death, he pleaded with me not to take him to the vet when he was not well, and I did not listen to him. To me, it seemed cruel to not take him to the vet after his hind legs became paralysed. The vet only made matters worse and to this day, I regret not listening to him.

I have several more examples. For more information on animal communication, you can read about it on AACCA’s website http://aaccainternational.blogspot.com/.